Mala & Vela Luka

peaceful off-the-grid escape

This secluded beaches with fine shingle surrounded by majestic hills are only 15 minutes by speedboat from Klenovica. Place ideal for hiking through a footpath along the hilltops where you can come across curious sheep and goats.

Small & Big Harbor – The diferrences

Vela luka beach: In the Vela luka cove is a wonderful beach and a restaurant where you’ll be able to freshen up or rent a beach lounger, parasol and a pedal boat.

Mala luka beach: Surrounded by grass areas and sheep, it has that special pastoral charm. Nearby is the Corinthia Fort, which boasts a beautiful view of both coves

We advise that you set out toward Vela luka and Mala luka from Klenovcia in early morning hours and always have maps of the trails on hand. In addition to map views, they contain lots of useful information. Make sure to bring a camera so you can capture the island’s unique views!

Check out the areal views of Small Harbor!