Medieval vineyards

“As with the other castles on the island of Krk, Vrbnik too is, situated high up, at almost 50 metres and on truly special place, on a cliff that literally dives into the sea.”

Home of Glagolitic script & Vrbnicka Zlahtina.

Vrbnik is undoubtedly one of the most famous Croatian villages. It became famous thanks to its Glagolitic heritage and famous popular song with its special melody and content which is played and arranged in variety of performances and is called “Vrbniče nad morem” (Vrbnik above the sea). Glagolitic script is the oldest Croatian script dating from 9th century AD and it is very significant that one quarter of all preserved glagolitic manuscripts are from Vrbnik. Today the most important product of Vrbnik’s fields and of Vrbnik in general, is its golden yellow wine – the Žlahtina; which has become famous even in wider Croatian circles.

According to stories told by the old people of Vrbnik, before the wine became famous, the fields were cultivated with cereals in order to feed the local families that were larger than those today. In such conditions the grapevine was cultivated on the edge of the fields as the wine market did not yet exist and wine was only produced for personal needs.

With its rich history, Vrbnik is known as the cradle of Croatian literacy and it is surely one of the oldest villages on the island of Krk.Narrow streets prevail in Vrbnik, so it is not strange that the world’s narrowest street should be located exactly here.

Sights in Vrbnik:

• the parish church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary with its very interesting painted ceiling and lovely Gothic chapel of Rosary.

• the parish church bell-tower and its adjoining object in which are located Museum of Visual Identity of Vrbnik, Lapidarium and collection of archeological artifacts and sacral paintings.

• in former princes palace on old town square – Placa – are located Vitezić family Library, an interesting hometown collection and a reconstruction of Renaissance printing machine. Did you know that first Croatian printer, Blaž Baromić, was from Vrbnik?

• a street that goes between the parish church and bell-tower will bring you to belvedere with a  beautiful view on mainland, and if you continue walking down Pod Keštel street, you can see remains of town wall and tower and also continue enjoying in magnificent view of the sea and the mainland.

• you can also check whether you are slim enough to pass through Klančić – a passage often said to be the narrowest street in the world…


360º Panorama – virtual tour of Vrbnik

We invite you to take a virtual tour of Vrbnik –  Here you will find interactive 360° panoramic photos of Vrbnik here.