Story of Klenovica

Mediterranean as it once was

Nine kilometres south of Novi Vinodolski lies Klenovica, a small fishing village. Traditionally, people here completely depended on the sea for their living, a fact underlined by the monument to their fishermen, erected in the local harbour. Today, Klenovica is better known as a holiday resort whose crystal clear sea and beautiful landscape provide an ideal place for relaxation and recreation.

Klenovica also includes the scattered hamlets of Cvitkovići, Kalanji,Miletići, Kula–Komadine and Žrnovnica. The first written record of the name Klenovica dates back to a 14th-century document, or more precisely to the Senj Statute from 1388, which states that the borders of the town of Senj stretch all the way to Suha Kozica. Žrnovnica as a hamlet within the settlement of Klenovica was mentioned in 1455, more precisely in a document that mentions the existence of some watermills in Žrnovnica beneath Ledenice.

In this cove, an underground karst stream flows into the sea, making the water so clear that it is used today for breeding mussels, oysters, and silver salmon. In the past, tuna fishing was probably the main fishing activity in this area – a fact confirmed by the numerous tuna fishing boats and lookouts that are now being restored after their removal back in the 1950s. These are symbols of the hard life experienced by local fishermen and seafarers.

One such tuna lookout is located on the little island of St. Anthony, which is now more like a peninsula after local people created a path across to it by heaping up huge rocks. This embankment also protects the beaches of Klenovica from large waves and strong gusts of the bura, the wind that sometimes blows heavily here in the winter months.

The terrain here is barren, its vegetation typically comprising some degraded karst groves of field maple, downy oak, oriental and hop hornbeam, and manna ash. Here you can also smell the black pine, which has been deliberately planted in this area. In the north, Klenovica is protected by its wooded hinterland.

Celestial Labyrinth on top of Krmpote Summit.

The area around Krmpote has some particularly attractive destinations for excursions. If the opportunity occurs, make sure not to miss visiting the area’s hinterland, which offers some wonderful vantage points with magnificent views of the surrounding areas.